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Architextures 7gypsies
The perfect products for your mixed media and creative world.
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We are so excited to introduce you to the newest 7gypsies collection - Architextures™; while making everything old, new again, this collection brings to life vintage objects turning them into craftable products.  
7gypsies Archivers Plan O Gram
Check out this great video where a number of our Crew show you up close and personal about the the new products, what the love and how to use them.  
Each piece emulates what we love about the past, but want to use today.
vintage ledgers by 7gypsies
 Inspired by vintage finds, salvage yard discoveries and objects we love, the gypsies are bringing vintage crafts to the forefront of the creative market once again.
creativation 2017 new products
With a deep love for vintage markets, junkyard finds and attic treasures the collection takes things to a whole new place.  This table set was part of the Innovations Section at the 2017 Creativation Trade Show in Phoenix.  
7gypsies Glass Bottle Treasure
7gypsies worked with patented Dutch technologies, unique material combinations and attention to detail to make this collection so unique.  Glass bottles look and feel like glass, leather suitcases are smooth like finished leather and the dress form has a soft body like the real thing.  
These wonderful Bases are made of a special ink material with a matte finish that has such amazing detail;  the chicken wire actually has printed metal details.  This technology allows the products to be so detailed, flexible ..... did we say they are all adhesive, which makes them even better!!!!  
7gypsies mixed media bases
One more thing that this new collection does right is the packing.  Every single piece of the packaging can be used to craft with like this super cool junky tag with all the right junk in all the right places.  The packaging is printed 2-sided with not an inch of white paper showing - we hear even the polybags can be used!  Love the no-waste thought process.  
architextures packaging
While the collection has a distinctive vintage look, it transcends across many creative styles with a classic, nostalgic appeal.   From angel wings to fun and clever Flea Market style sayings there is something for everyone.  
angel wing stickers
The name Architextures™ was derived from bringing together the elements we find in architectures both new and old, and a variety of textures that we just cannot live without. Each item in the Architextures™ collection resembles the uniqueness, the texture and the dimension of nostalgic objects as they are in reality. While some are shiny and metallic, others are soft and have a natural feel.  
Take a tour of one of our stores The Crafty Scrapper and see how she has them on display.  
Architextures™ Artboards - Architextures™ Ledgers & Books - Architextures™ Bases - Architextures™ Junque - Architextures™ Tin Tiles - Architextures™ Parchment Rub-ons - Architextures™ Stash Paques - Architextures™ Trinkets, Findings and Treasures - Architextures™ 12x12 Papers & Pads 
To learn more about each element read on and get to know the entire Collection:
7gypsies Archiextures™ Elements
Architextures™ Artboards - thick boards to art on.
Architextures™ Ledgers & Books - vintage inspired journals, books and ledgers.
Architextures™ Bases - the starting place for your backgrounds and a great alternative to a stencil and textured medium.
Architextures™ Junque - amazing collections of vintage faux finishes in 8 different themes.
Architextures™ Tin Tiles - reproductions of ceiling tiles that are textured, flexible and look just like the real thing.
faux ceiling tiles - vintage market ideas
Architextures™ Parchment Rub-ons - a huge sheet of vintage art that is pressure sensitive and ready to be rubbed onto paper, fabric or a smooth surface.  The art looks like a vintage stamp when applied.  
Architextures™ Stash Paques - these wonderful packs of labels, alphabet stickers, printed fabric like papers, ephemera and more add wonderful touches to craft projects.  
Architextures™ Trinkets, Findings and Treasures - a wide selection of realistic embellishments that are adhesive, dimensional, textured and wonderful.  
architextures stickers
Architextures™ 12x12 Papers & Pads - 12 two sided printed papers with flea market and vintage inspiration and also offered in an 8x8 paper pad.
7gypsies Architextures Collection
Bring the touch of a vintage market into the studio, craft room, scrapbooking goodies or planner with Architextures™ and get the look and feel of mixed media and altered crafts faster, without all the mess and additional materials.
architextures vintage fan sticker
So many great vintage craft basics to use in so many different ways.  We will inspire and the rest is up to you. 
architextures cork screw - wine themed stickers