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TA - Furniture Paint

If you are looking for a paint that performs like a milk or chalk paint, Decor & DIY paint is just what you need or better.  The paint will adhere to any finished furniture pieces or raw wood and dries to a beautiful finish.  Unlike other paints, there is no need to pre-mix the paint or add any additional ingredients.  No sanding or priming, just wipe clean, dry and paint by applying with a brush in 1-3 coats depending on the color you are covering.  The paint does not require a top-coat or wax.  You can also mix the paints to create you own color or add a tan or brown to create a distressed look.  

  • One container will paint a medium size furniture piece
  • water-soluble 
  • soap and water clean up
  • non-toxic
  • for use on indoor and outdoor projects
  • paint can be applied in-doors
  • mix paints to create custom colors
  • apply with a brush for best results
  • do not over-paint, it will self-level to a smooth finish
  • made in USA