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Simple Ideas For Getting Organized

basket storage burlap storage canvas storage gadget storage get organized

This post has ideas for storing and organizing items for the kitchen, bedroom, playroom, closet, studio and craft room.  Canvas and burlap baskets, totes, rolls and zipper totes to hold random size items while staying clean and simple.

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Design Your Own Product Line

custom printed art how to print your own art make your own product line screen print blanks

If you have an idea for a great line of apparel, home decor items or gifts, why not create them yourself.  The gift markets are filled with knock off items, that all begin to look alike, so the time is right to introduce something unique, something different and something that represents your brand.  You might have an idea the market and customers you support from sports to dance and from family to artists and so may other industries in between. Creating your own product line may seem like a dream that you are not sure you will make come true,...

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10 Best Blanks For Screen Printing (other than tee shirts)

canvas blanks don't just print on tee shirts made in USA blanks printer supplies screen print blanks screen printer supplies

You might be new to screen printing or a seasoned screen printer who is looking for something new to print on, well here are our top 10 Best Blanks for Screen Printing and other textile printing styles.  To see the entire collection of blanks - Textile Blanks Canvas Corp 1. Pillows - the are currently our number one blank seller.  So many sizes and shapes and fabrics.  Ideal for local businesses, brands, artists and more.  Customize one pillow at a time or make a collection with a message.  We sell pillow covers and not stuffed pillows, no need to ship...

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How to choose the right fabric for Printing

block printing fabric for printing printed canvas printed cotton screen printing stencil printing sublimation printing vinyl transfer printing

Printing on textile blanks is a hot new trends and one that leads to many questions.  How to choose the right fabric for printing is probably the most asked question?  It might seem a bit complicated, but there are a few simple things you need to know to make the right decision. Screen Printing - when choosing a fabric for screen printing, the options are pretty wide open.  You can screen print on just about any fabric or surface, the key is will it go through the heat tunnel to set the ink.  So avoid plastic, synthetic materials or those...

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Product Feature: Burlap Flowers

Burlap Flower Fabric Flowers Flower Decor Ideas

The invention of the burlap flower came about due to an abundance of burlap scrap left from all the amazing burlap items that we make.  Strips and strips of burlap stacked high were being tossed aside and we could not see that happen... , so the birth of the burlap flower.  The perfect 4" flower that has dimension, style and no two are alike and everyone of them made by hand.   So what do you do with a special burlap handmade flower? 1. Add them to junk decor projects - add an old button, broach or found object. 2.  Make...

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