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Simple Ideas For Getting Organized

basket storage burlap storage canvas storage gadget storage get organized

There is a lot of talk about getting organized these days.  We wanted to share with you some very simple, clean and classic ways to get organized with simple burlap and canvas baskets, totes and holders that you are going to love.  

kitchen tool paint brush and gadget canvas holder

Canvas Holders - wrap your tools, pens, pencils and even kitchen gadgets in simple canvas holders that roll up and can be tucked in a drawer, sit on a shelf or toted around as needed.  Available in a smaller size for pens, marketers and pencils or larger sizes for tools and brushes.  Custom sizes available.

ideas for displaying napkins for party

2. Burlap Plant Covers- Available in 3 sizes you can use them as bread baskets, napkin holders or put them in the pantry to hold random small objects.  The handles are great for adding a tag.  Oh and you can also drop a plant in.  

burlap party decor ideas

3. Saggy Baggies- these are tall and thin bags sized in cup, pint and quart sizes and ready for you to slip in a vase, bottle, mason jar, etc. to help store items, become a centerpiece or fill with food or flowers.

ideas for marking food

4. Chalkstock Tags- part of getting organized is labeling and marking items to know what is suppose to be there and helping others to find things.  Chalk board tags are really great to work with and are made of a special smooth paper that you can actually write on with chalk or use a white paint pen if you want it to be permanent.

ideas for crafting with tin cans

5.Cardstock Paper- getting small and random items organized can be tricky.  We love the idea of repurposing tin cans of various sizes and wrapping them with a collection of different printed papers.  Such a great look and they can sit on the desk or counter or be tucked in a drawer.

canvas drawstring tote bag

6. Burlap and Canvas Sacs- tie them up and stack, sit or hang them and you will have a place for lots of goodies from shoes and socks to scarves and wraps.  They come in a wide range of sizes from tiny to big and can be painted, printed, embroidered or add a tag so you know what is inside.  They are also great travel bags when you need to stay organized in the suitcase.

farmhouse tote bag

7. Tote Bags - keep them plain and simple or add a pocket or personal touch.  Fill them and hang or set them down, but grab the handles when you are on the go.  So many sizes to store so many different things.

tool bag dark canvas heavy duty diy bag

8. Tool Tote- This oversized bag has a padded strap and is filled with pockets, elastic holders and a large center area to hold tools, projects and more.  Pockets inside and hotu.

zipper totes to stay organized

9. Zipper Totes- Fill them and zip them closed and stash them in a drawer or in a basket.  They come in a range of sizes that let you hold long and thin items, cosmetics, school supplies, crafts, pen and paper and more.  Great for stashing in your purse or car when you are on the run.  You can also use them to organize toys and other items in the car.

fabric Easter basket storage basket gift basket holder

10. Canvas and Burlap- Made of burlap or canvas, these handled baskets are ideal for storing, showing off or giving away.  Fill them, carry them or display them for parties, events and getting organized.  To personalize them stencil, stamp, embroider, heat transfer or even screen print them.

We hope you are inspired to try a few of these techniques when you are folding tee shirts and rolling socks to get organized.  You can display these great items on shelves and counters and they will look great while they are helping you stay organized.  

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