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Tattered Angels High Impact Paint

If you are looking for a high quality acrylic paint, High Impact Paint is just what you need.  Unlike most of the acrylic paints on the market that require many coats or have a dull finish.  This amazing paint dries to a smooth, slightly gloss finish that you will love.  No deed for a base coat or top coat, the paint is ideal for so many different surfaces....including burlap, canvas, wood, finished wood, MDF, metal, ceramic, terra-cotta, glass, plastic, resin and more.  
best quality acrylic paint
This amazing paint is perfect for your DIY needs including painting furniture, accessories, repurposing items, painting burlap signs, stenciling artwork and more.  For best results stir and apply a thin layer and allow to dry, then you can apply additional layers letting the coats dry between layers. 
how to paint ceramic knobs
It is also terrific for all your Mixed Media paint needs with its pure colors and full collection of metallics.  The High Impact paints can be mixed together to create new colors. Use them with stencils, masks, paint found objects.  So many choices. 
Mixed Media Paint
The paint is very lush and is best applied with a brush.  It is water-soluble so you can add water to thin it down.  We like to think of this paint as our acrylic paint on steroids.  Ideal for stenciling, covering found objects, repairing damaged items that just need a fresh coat of paint.
metallic mixed media paint
The High Impact paints come in 2 different types - metallic and pure pigment.  The metallic dries to a fine metallic finish that truly looks like metal and the pigment colors are all colors of the rainbow.  They are also available in primary and secondary colors allowing you to mix and make your own colors easily.  
  • water-soluble
  • soap and water clean up
  • non-toxic
  • full range of color
  • custom colors can be made by mixing your colors to create the perfect tone
  • available in metallic and pigment paint colors
  • metallic paints dry to a true metallic looking finish
  • no sanding or priming required
  • no top-coat or wax finish needed
  • one to two coats suggested
  • for best results apply with a brush
  • made in the USA

The paint is ideal for inside and outdoor use.  No odor you can apply the paint either indoors or out, but you also can use the paint for outdoor projects, especially to make over sun-worn items.  Crew member, Patti Senter, shows us how to transform this metal sun with High Impact Paints.  Here are all the details on painting outdoor metal accessories

how to paint outside accessories