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Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint

We love the look of natural wood and we wanted to create a paint that would bring out the natural beauty and tint the surface at the same time and Color Wash Paint was created.  

Tattered Angels Paints are all made in the USA one recipe at a time and we love to offer paint solutions that add beauty and color to your crafts, DIY, home decor and holiday projects. 

Formulated with a special blend of ingredients the paint works so well for painting, tinting and staining wood and natural surfaces.  This water-soluble paint can be brushed onto any natural, rustic, rough, textured wood or natural surface.  Available in a 2 ounce bottle.  Apply paint with a brush for great results like these. 

tattered angels color wash

Available in 24 colors, giving your a wide range of color options to coordinate with your style:

The first 12 paints we refer to them as Essentials, but all that really means is they are the first 12 best basic colors that cross the rainbow and offer the primary and secondary colors with a few others thrown in.  These paints are pure color and can be blended together to make an infinite number of colors.  Stay tuned for more colors to come.  These paints do not contain glitter or mica, they are a true paint stain with a matte, rustic finish.

Color Wash Essential Paint Colors

The second set of 12 in the release are Faux Finish Color Wash Paints - these are stain-like paint that while allowing the natural beauty of the surface show through they add a faux finish tone that combines color and a touch of metallic when needed to emulate actual metals as they age and change forms and a white wash with a touch of white mica that offers a wonderful shimmer, making it ideal for holiday and special occasion projects.  

color wash faux finish paints

The faux finishes are achieved in one step and you can dip your brush into the paint and grab a bit more metallic mica to add to any particular areas of the surface to really show off the faux finish.  To reduce the amount of mica you simply don't shake the bottle and use some of the paint from the top for a great look.  No right or wrong way, give it a try and see what you like.  

color wash swatches

We painted each of these sticks with the different wash colors to give us the perfect swatches when making choices for our projects.  So simple to do.