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Color Wash Paint - Red Wine

Tattered Angels

Color Wash Paint - Red Wine


red wood stain
The newest paint from Tattered Angels and the perfect paint for wood and natural materials.  Formulated to tint the wood and surface, while allowing the natural beauty show through.   A deep, red toned stain that looks amazing on natural surfaces.  A great way to update a simple raw wood rate you will find at your local craft or mass merchant to use on your buffet, holiday decor, table top and more.  The look is so rich with just a touch of color.  
red wooden crate
Using inexpensive wood items such as crates, baskets and decorative pieces that you can stain and tint to coordinate with your color palette is a great way to make a unique display that will be the focal point of any party.  Combine the blue and red crates to make an amazing 4th of July or Patriotic party theme set up.  Use paper and plastic or real dishes, whatever works looks great and the simple crates tie it all together.  
patriotic crates
The wood can be rough, rustic, old or new and Color Wash adds the perfect color.  Apply with a brush in one coat and get beautiful results like this.  No need to sand, prime or apply a topcoat.  Ideal for crafts, wedding crafts, home décor, DIY, holiday crafts and more, it goes on quickly, dries quickly and one 2 ounce bottle goes a long way - one large project 2-3 medium projects and 4-6 small projects.
  • wood and natural surface paint
  • 2 ounces of sheer paint that adds a tint of color to craft and DIY surfaces
  • Water Based Multi-Surface Formula
  • Choice in application - Easy to apply with brush or use mist applicator (sold separately)
  • One coat application 
  • Apply with a brush for amazing results
  • For uneven, woven or difficult to reach areas, use the Color Wash Sprayer sold separately.  
  • Made in the USA
  • Paint coverage is 2-3 times that of standard acrylic or chalk paint
  • Formulated to let the beauty of the wood grain and surface textures show through
  • Works with all acrylic, chalk, milk and specialty paints to achieve personalized results
  • Use multiple Color Wash colors to create unique finishes
  • Works on “hard to cover” surfaces – rustic wood, wicker, Styrofoam, layered items, lace and more.
  • Paints can be mixed to achieve custom colors
  • Paint can be diluted with water to lighten the color
  • Surface maintains its original texture allowing you to easily apply stamps, stencils, rub-ons, paint, etc. 

veneer wood stain

Available in 24 total colors in the initial release with more to follow.

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