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Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Paint

glitter paint mixed media

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Paint is an amazing paint filled with chunky glitter in a sheer tinted paint.  Available in a rainbow of colors, each with a unique mixed of high quality glitter, they are ideal for holiday and everyday. 

paint with glitter

Made in the USA, one recipe at a time.  The top swatch is created with the exact recipe found inside the bottle.  The paint acts like a strong topcoat and can be used for craft, DIY and Mixed Media art.  When the paint dries the glitter is suspended inside the paint and stays in place.  

Add glitter to mixed media projects

Stir the Glimmer Glam paint before applying and you will want to use a fan or flat brush to capture the most glitter.  The paint can be applied to just about any surface including fabric, wood, MDF, plastic, glass, ceramic, terra-cotta, burlap, paper and more.  You can paint over stamped or printed surfaces allowing the design to show through and leaving a touch of color and glitter when it dries

mixed media paint

The paint is presented in a 1.35 ounce bottle and will cover quite a bit of area, depending on the number of coats you decide to use.  There is no need for a base coat or top coat.  

This is a great DIY paint and can be used to finish the top of a fun dresser, paint a lamp or even chandelle sticks.  When a little glimmer and glam is need for your next craft or DIY project you will want to try some Glimmer Glam.