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Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Paint

Glimmer Glam is an amazing paint filled with chunky glitter is a sheer tinted paint.  When the paint dries the glitter is suspended inside the paint and stays in place.  This paint is best applied with a flat or fan brush after mixing up all the glitter goodness.  The paint can be applied to just about any surface including fabric, wood, MDF, plastic, glass, ceramic, terra-cotta, burlap, paper and more.  You can paint over stamped or printed surfaces allowing the design to show through.

This is a great DIY paint and can be used to finish the top of a fun dresser, paint a lamp or even chandelle sticks.  When a little glimmer and glam is need for your next craft or DIY project you will want to try some Glimmer Glam.

Available in a full rainbow of colors and also a clear coat that does not have any glitter.  Manufactured in the USA.