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this vintage inspired collection features a wide range of paper craft, scrapbooking, mixed media and creative DIY products and embellishments to bring out the gypsy in you.  Each item was hand selected, the art designed or the object recreated by our amazing 7gypsies team.  Every 7gypsies product has a feel of the past and if they could speak would have an amazing story.  Preserve photos, create vintage projects, decorate vintage style....7gypsies let's you create in your old world style.   7gypsies is part of the Canvas Corp Brands of products and brings a antique vibe, while being a perfect match with Tattered Angels and Canvas Corp Products.  

a bit of the 7gypsies history…
A young architect who wanted to be a painter met an Australian school teacher with a penchant for collecting things. They married and traveled the world together, having 7 kids on 3 different continents. As age mellowed them, they settled in the southwestern US and began designing for the scrapbooking industry, drawing upon a lifetime of traveling and experiences.

the original inspiration for the brand…
To break with the past, this family of 9, minus 2 who could not make the trip, took a summer road trip through France, Spain and Italy for a couple of months. As the trip progressed, it became clear that what they would really love to do was to take their style of journaling and memory keeping to the growing world of scrapbooking. They had a pretty good idea of what the brand would look like since they had been collecting and producing things for their family for years.

but what to call their little company…
They had rented a large, one of a kind, white van (a Peugeot Boxer) for their trip. It was a perfect size to hold the seven travelers. One beautiful day in the south of France, they were forced to an abrupt stop when a procession of large, white vans (just like theirs) spilled out of a field onto the road in front of them, bringing the holiday traffic in both directions to a grinding halt. Being at the front of the halted traffic in their big white van, they suddenly realized that they looked like a part of the traffic-stumping, white van group and that they seemed to have the job of stopping the oncoming traffic and allowing the cavalcade to turn lazily onto the highway. “They’re gypsies!….and everybody thinks we’re with them.” “We’re gypsies….we’re seven gypsies!” They named the little company in honor of their 7 beautiful children.


7gyspies may have a final home in NW Arkansas with a great group of brands, but it never forgets the past and works hard to preserve the memories.  You can shop by collection look for the 7g sign and the collection name, search by category or search by name or item number, the choice is yours.  If you would like to set up a wholesale account for your vintage shop, craft store, reproduction store or maybe you are a maker looking for wholesale supplies - contact us today by filling out this wholesale application and let us set you up online.

Architextures™ Collection

Architextures Collection 7gypsies

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