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7gypsies: Architextures™ Junque Packs

What is a Junque pack you ask?  Well they are part of the 7gypsies Architextures™ Collection and they are one of the most unique new craft supplies on the market for mixed media, paper crafts, journal decor, scrapbooking, even home accents.  These adhesive embellishments will adhere to a wide range of surfaces and add the perfect touch, texture and style.    Each set includes 6-22 different pieces that were inspired by salvage yard finds.  From rusted metal to a brick wall and from an old bed spring to screen door.  

mixed media texture backgroundsThe unique material offers a raised embossed feel with loads of texture, allowing them to be flexible at the same time.  

  • sets range from 6-22 total pieces depending on art and style
  • all sheets are adhesive 
  • the largest piece measures about 5.25"x5.25" with each additional items slightly smaller, allowing each one to be seen in the pack
  • when you see clear space the weave is open giving you a stencil like use and other pieces are solid to create just the right look.
  • each piece actually feels like the item it represents, there is not just a general texture over the entire piece.
  • the art can be altered with paint, inks and other mediums to create a look all your own
  • the flexible material allows you to wrap around edges and add creative detailing
  • the strong adhesive is terrific for paper, but we suggest adding additional glue or top coat to hold them in place when applying to textured or wet medium surfaces
  • there are 8 different styles that can be used together, each representing different spaces in the home, building or property 
  • the packaging features printed art that coordinates with each theme and can also be used during the creative process. 

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with them:  

1. Create Vintage Crafts

vintage village crafts

What do you do with them you ask?  Anything you want of course, but they are simply ideal for adding to mixed media projects, layouts, cards, vintage crafts, DIY projects, art pieces, shadow boxes, tectorial projects and more.  Like this amazing vintage village by blogger and designer Ansku.

vintage craft supplies

Each piece not only looks like the real thing, but the pieces are flexible, textured and adhesive.  The material is so unique that it actually looks and have the dimension of the real item, while maintaining is flexibility and making it easy to work with.  You can die cut it, tear it, wrap it, layer it and more.

2. Scrapbooking Layouts - whether photos of flowers, architecture or people, these embellishments are the perfect accents.

ideas for vintage scrapbook layouts

Use your favorite finishes as a background for your favorite Trinket, Treasure or Finding or combine with you favorite vintage papers. 

3. Mixed Media Art - combine with your favorite mixed media products to create amazing texture, dimension and style.  

vintage mixed media

4. Crafty DIY - add them to canvas or other surfaces, the adhesive will hold them in place, but you will want to add them permanently with fabric glue.

canvas banner

5. Creative DIY Projects - dd them to canisters, glass containers, candles and other home accents that could use a little vintage touch.  They are adhesive, but also removable, so change them out when you are ready.  Great for the kitchen, bath, studio and more.  If you make your own candles, what a great way to decorate them.  

canister stickers

6. Art Journals - they work as embellishments, texture stamps, background texture, dimensional elements and more.  You can paint them, but them, tear them, stick them, etc. to make them part of your art. 

 art journal stencils

7. journals - WuWu shows us how to sew them, glue them, layer them, etc. to create amazing handmade journals.  They add a touch of dimension, but do not make the pages too thick that your journal will not close.  The look and style also works so well if you like classic, vintage or antique style journal designs.

wuwu journal 7gypsies

Each wonderful piece of art can be added to craft projects, journal covers, scrapbook layouts, cards, mixed media art, doll houses, shadow boxes and so much more.  The edges are even textured like the real thing.  Use them as they are or die cut them, tear them fold them or cut them to fit your needs.  This collection of wonderful faux finishes can be used with other pieces of the Architextures™ program, as well as, be used in your everyday crafting.  Collect them all and add the look of wonderful vintage finishes to your creative work.