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7gypsies: Architextures™ Parchment Rub-Ons

As the gypsies explored amazing found objects, wonderful vintage art, old papers and all things from the past they love, they collected a huge portfolio of vintage art that just had to be part of Architextures™, but how to incorporate it, stamps, printed pieces of art....they explored many different technologies until they found a special technology that was the prefect solution....pressure sensitive ink on a parchment release paper. 

rub on canvas

Get a vintage style printed look with Parchment rub ons.

Here is a great new video that not only shows you how to use them, but how amazing they are.  

So the question might be....'what makes this different from traditional rub-ons?'  Here is a great video that shows you how to use the rub ons and some great tips and tricks.

Well the answer is pretty simple, just about everything is different accept the process of actually rubbing them off is very similar.

parchment rub ons 7gypsies architextures 

Let's start with describing what you get in just one pack of the Parchment Rub-ons and then what makes them unique.  A Rub-On pack includes a single sheet of 16"x24" parchment paper that is filled with over 150 different pieces of art in a wide range of shapes and sizes and includes words, sayings and icons.  The art is all vintage in design with a look of engraving and hand-drawn art of the past.  The art is printed with a special pressure sensitive ink that makes it easy to release with a flat object.  The special ink works best on paper, canvas and surfaces with a bit of texture, but quite flat.  This allows the detail of each piece to be applied to the surface.  Wide weave items like burlap don't work as well as there is no place for the art to adhere to.

Let's talk about the art for a minute and what makes these collections so wonderful for mixed media, altered art, paper crafting and general crafting.  The most exciting part is the variety of sizes and the amount of art you get in one pack.  If you look at the art as different stamps in a wide range of sizes, you would spend a fortune on stamps, but no need for the stamp or the ink, just rub the design on and you get a vintage stamp look instantly.  Another wonderful aspect of these rub-ons is they are a great starting point for your artwork, take the Pose pack for example, which is filled with faces which can be the starting place and you can embellish the hair, color the faces and create something so beautiful.  

Each piece of art is best applied by cutting it from the sheet and applying with a flat tool with strong, strokes, making sure to capture all the details.  You can cut up the art and store it in the polybag or carefully fold up the sheet for storage.  

  • one 16"x24" sheet of parchment with pressure sensitive art
  • 5 different styles - Grow, Live, Inspire, Build and Pose 
  • Over 150 pieces of art per pack
  • Apply them to paper or canvas with a flat object
  • Use smooth, deep pressure to rub them on
  • Cut the pieces up and store them or re-fold the sheet and store in polybag
  • sheet can also be used as a decoupage paper and applied onto a wide range of surfaces.  


Each rub on comes in a different color folder that shows you all the designs and the inside has words you can also use in your projects.  

parchment rub on


Add them to old book covers