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7gypsies: Architextures™ Bases & Stencils

Architextures™ is about building creative things.  Starting somewhere and adding bits and pieces that speak to you to create a one of a kind piece, often called mixed media, because now anything goes.  One very popular technique in mixed media is to use a wide range of mediums and a stencil to create a background with texture and dimension.  The idea for the Bases is to start that process for you.  For those who love the process you can use the Bases as a stencil, base, mask or part of the process or you can alter or distress the base and start building your piece, the option is all yours.  

When thinking about ways to use the bases, using them as a stencil is one of the first things that will come to mind and keep in mind that when you are done using them as a stencil they become an embellishment, so you really get two for one.  Crew Member Marie Nicole shows you some simple stenciling techniques with products you might just have in your stash or something similar.  The bases comes on a clear acetate backer that is perfect for peeling back and slipping in your paper too.

Crew Member Kathy Adams shows us how amazing the bases are and the different ways you can use them.  You will be surprised who amazing the details come out in many creative ways.

Bases were created with a patented technology that helped us to achieve a product that did just what we hoped for...matte finish, flexible, adhesive, negative and positive space, dimension, color, alterable and in a format that is easy to work, especially when the real thing is not so easy to work with like real chicken wire.  

The Bases can be used behind and in the front, your choice and you can transform them to work with your design style and color palette. 

  • Available in 2 packaging sizes 6'x6" (Short Bases) and 6"x9" (Tall Bases) (bases differ in sizes and shapes)
  • Adhesive (we suggest additional glue or a top coat when adding to textured surfaces, wet medium or non-flat areas.
  • Flexible and easy to tear or cut
  • Alterable, allowing them to be painted, distressed or altered with inks, paints, dyes
  • Textured finish which adds immediate dimension to projects
  • Inspired by the real thing, but created in a craftable material that is easy to work with
  • Can be used as a stencil, mask, background or an embellishment 
  • Use as one piece or break them up into smaller pieces
  • Patented technology 
  • Wide range of designs and themes 

The packaging is beautiful with a vintage neutral blue print that you can use in your creations as well.  You can see the detail of each that the patented technology creates with the images being so detailed.  You can use these as adhesive embellishments or as a stencil first and they can be colored with a wide range of different products to convert them just the way you want them.

Architextures Small Bases