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7gypsies: Architextures™ - Trinkets Treasures and Findings

Part of the new Architextures Collection, these vintage adhesive embellishments are truly stunning.  Inspired for actual vintage objects and flea market finds, each set, collection or piece is a work of art and look and feel like the actual objects.


Trinkets - a set of 3 objects that make a wonderful ensemble

Treasures - a larger icon or two that features a background that can be used as a stencil or mask when the object is removed

Findings - a collection of many objects or a single vintage object.

A wide range of themes, textures and styles, each piece was hand selected for the collection with new pieces to be added as the collection builds.  The packaging itself is also very unique with just about every detail craftable.

The objects look and feel like the original piece just like this Sunshine Coffee Jar.  Some of the embellishments are clear, shiny and diminutional, while others are soft and subtle like the Dress Form.

  • adhesive embellishments
  • apply additional glue for highly textures and wet media surfaces
  • each embellishment is made of a slightly different texture, finish and dimension using patented technology
  • the sizes and shapes vary per style