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10 Best Blanks For Screen Printing (other than tee shirts)

canvas blanks don't just print on tee shirts made in USA blanks printer supplies screen print blanks screen printer supplies

You might be new to screen printing or a seasoned screen printer who is looking for something new to print on, well here are our top 10 Best Blanks for Screen Printing and other textile printing styles.  To see the entire collection of blanks - Textile Blanks Canvas Corp

coffee craft pillow blank canvas

1. Pillows - the are currently our number one blank seller.  So many sizes and shapes and fabrics.  Ideal for local businesses, brands, artists and more.  Customize one pillow at a time or make a collection with a message.  We sell pillow covers and not stuffed pillows, no need to ship a lot of fluff across the country or the world.  Available with zippers or envelope back depending on your set up.  Print one and stuff it and put on display and we know you will start selling them.  Another thought is the size of a pillow is similar to a tee shirt, so why not print on pillows and shirts with the same design and double your sale.

burlap and denim screen print blank tote bag

2. Tote Bags - you might think of the basic canvas tote bag with webbed handles, but there are so many more options available today.  From burlap and denim to waxed cotton and canvas.  New shapes, sizes and strap lengths.  Choose from a current design or design your own.  Perfect for your retail packaging customers, local events, fund raisers, trade shows and more.  Let your tote bag stand out and offer your customers a wide range.  Oh and did we say they are made in the USA.  If you are buying one made from overseas, consider one made right here in the USA.  Don't forget specialized bags like wine bags, bread bags, flea market bags, shopping bags, drawstring bags, Santa bags and more.  

3. Aprons - many shapes and sizes and so many people need a great apron for a local restaurant, shop or studio.  We have them big and small; short and tall and simple and a little cool complicated.  Let your customers know you have aprons and see what happens next.

vintage ticking and canvas apron blank for screen printing

4. Zipper Totes - these simple little items are hot right now, great for gifts, packaging and personalizing.  Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to hold a lot or a little.

knitting and crochet bags

5. Stockings - everyone is looking for custom stockings and we cannot make enough 6 months out of the year.  You can personalize them any ways, try a few and start taking orders for the holidays

6. Banners - these are coming on the scene and business is growing, take ideas you would print on a t-shirt or pillow and print on a banner that is perfect for adding to an art wall or farmhouse style decor.

printed banner canvas7. Stretched Canvas and Burlap - creating custom artwork is great on a banner or add a bit more structure with a 100% cotton canvas wall framed canvas.  Unlike art canvas that is covered with white gesso, ours our unfinished.  The naked canvas loves to be printed and looks greta.

8. Koozies - a simple items that can be personalize for game day, local sports teams or great fun sayings.  Available in burlap and canvas they are ready to be printed.  They are made with velcro so they can be printed or designed flat and then fit around canvas and bottles with ease. 

made in USA canvas Koozie 

9. Baskets and Holders - burlap and canvas baskets and plant holders are great for local nurseries, flower shops and gift shops, add a holiday saying, town or something inspirational.  The are great for covering up plastic flower pots and make an instant gift.  The baskets are great for all natural gift baskets, Easter baskets or even bread baskets for a wedding.

10. Placemats and Table Runners - jazz up an event, holiday decor or party with custom table runners and placemats.  Tablescapes take on so many great looks and you can help your customers personalize them their way or design your own style.

 screen print blanks placemat

If you would like to give some of these or any of the Canvas Corp blanks, open up a wholesale account today. Only a $50 minimum order, free shipping and no minimum per style.  So try different colors, shapes and styles, print up your samples and order what sells for your customers. To see the entire collection of best sellers - Canvas and Burlap Blank for Printers

If you like the look of screen printing and want us to quote on printing your items there are some benefits - we print then sew, we can customize the color and we can make a custom item for you.  Check out how it works - Wholesale Screen Printing 

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