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Architextures™ Junque Pack - Cabana


Architextures™ Junque Pack - Cabana


The smell of the pool, ocean, sea or lake takes us to cabanas, lake houses or beach front homes that have seen the test of time and weathered the storms.  The wood is warn by the wind and the salt, the paint is peeled by the sun and the sand and baskets and nets tossed aside that once were used to get the catch of the day.  These adhesive embellishments can be used as backgrounds, layers, etc. for cards, layouts, mixed media projects, craft projects, shadow boxes, journal covers, books, junk yard projects and so much more.  Use them as they are or you can tear, die cut, fold, cut and more. 

Each piece was made using patented technology that allows us to create the finishes to not only look real, but they actually feel real, down to even the detailing of raw edges and nail holes.  No two sets are alike and they work wonderfully together.  

This collection of cabana inspired relics include - driftwood, painted white brick, woven netting, weathered wicker, an old shutter and water marks.  

The Cabana Collection features:

  • 6 assorted pieces create the collection
    • Weathered drift wood (5.25"x5.25")
    • White painted bricks (3.5" x 5.25")
    • Natural woven fish netting (2.75"x5.25")
    • Woven wicker basket  (2"x5.25")
    • A green painted old shutter (1.5"x5.25")
    • A set of water bubbles in one piece (1"x5.25") 
  • Packaging includes vintage artwork you can also use in your creative projects.
  • All sheets are adhesive 
  • When you see clear space the weave is open giving you a stencil like use and other pieces are solid to create just the right look.
  • Each piece actually feels like the item it represents, there is not just a general texture over the entire piece.
  • The art can be altered with paint, inks and other mediums to create a look all your own
  • The flexible material allows you to wrap around edges and add creative detailing
  • The strong adhesive is terrific for paper, but we suggest adding additional glue or top coat to hold them in place when applying to textured or wet medium surfaces
  • To see all of the styles of Junque

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