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Trendy Aprons and Apron Trends

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Aprons are on trend and aprons are becoming more trendy.   We have made thousands of our standard, basic natural canvas aprons with bias in the same style and design that has been around for years.  

canvas aprons usa

We are so excited to see such a great interest in taking the apron to the next level, creating specialized aprons, adding color, pockets and details.  The trend is most definitely not the basic canvas apron with simple ties.  A trendy apron is more about fitting into its environment and doing the job it was intended to do.  The trend in aprons is for them to be unique, custom, colorful, stylish, etc aprons that let you stand out!!!  So whether you want to be trendy or catch up on what is trending the key is knowing what you and your business need.

waist apron

COLOR - create aprons to match your brand, the time of year, your decor and customize them with the right amount of pockets depending on where they will be used from the kitchen to the studio and from the grill to the restaurant.  So often aprons are dull, dirty and lifeless and a bit of color and style can make such a difference.

full body apron

SIZE - no we are not talking about small, medium or large, we are talking about coverage and protection. This amazing Full Body apron starts at the neck and travels to the ankles for the average person and wraps around.  It is ideal for artists, painters or those who want to make sure they don't get messy.  What a great over-sized statement.

cat apron ticking vintage trendy vintage market apron

If you are looking for a custom apron for your business, restaurant, Etsy shop or to personalize in your screen print shop, you have come to the right place.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will get a quote to you right away -

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