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Small Business Idea: It's In The Bag - Creative Merchandise Bag Ideas

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Don't underestimate the power of the tote bag that your customers walk away with after a purchase.  Do your products go out the door in a blank paper or plastic bag?  Oh we hope not, but if so and you want to take your merchandise branding to the next level, we have a some ideas for you. There are however, a few things to keep in mind, as you decide what is best for your brand, your products and your budget.   

kraft paper bag

While this plain paper bag is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and possibly the right size for the product, it does not make a strong statement about you, your brand or the product.  Think about a merchandise bag that represents you, your brand and your message.  

burlap merchandise bags

The tote your customers walk away with is a reflection of your style and can be tailored to truly represent you.  When branding you immediately think about the material, color and the logo, but how about bag size? Consider customizing the bag to hold your products specifically, if you sell boots, make a tote that is sized just right or an extra large gusset to hold a set of custom towels. 

shoe and boot bag
Consider your merchandise bag budget as part of your marketing costs and not simply overhead that you never get back.  A plain paper bag does not spread the word about your brand, your message, your shop or you.  It simply does its job, holding product your customers buy.  Choosing or designing a bag that suits your products sends a huge message to your customers and to others who see the bag in action. 
backpack custom

Also consider product specific bags, that are used when selling your higher end products, custom art pieces, jewelry or something unique or maybe a backpack that can be worn around the shopping area, about town or used again and again with your store name and or logo  
canvas zipper tote merchandise bag
A few other things to think about when designing the ideal tote for your brand:  Sewn In Label - including a sewn in label with a message about your brand, your product or maybe a bit about you.  This label can be paper or fabric giving your the flexibility to design it your way.  Unique Printing - You might consider printing the tote with your brand message instead of your logo. "Save the Whales" or "Live Free"  a tote that people will be proud to sport and share with others where they got it.  Handle Length - consider the length of the handle.  Do you want the customer to throw the tote over their shoulder or carry with one hand carefully?  The handle size makes a difference. The Shape - how about a backpack giving your custom a hands-free experience and they are helping to spread your brand and message as they walk along.  

custom merchandise bags
Canvas Corp makes every tote to order and for a minimum of 50 pieces you can create your own tote and decide the fabric, the size, the label and the message.   Call today for more information 866.376.9961 or emails us at 

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