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Architextures™ Short Base - Sun


Architextures™ Short Base - Sun


The perfect sun icon that is ready to be easily transformed with a bit of ink, paint or dye for your next craft project or keep it as is for a black and white art piece.    

Bases can be used as is or altered to change the color, distressing or finish.  You can transform them right on the acetate carrier giving you the space to alter them without changing the look and color of you mixed media or craft base.  When it is the way you want it, the flexible, adhesive embellishment can be added to create a background or a decorative element.  Many of the Bases can also be used as stencils or masks giving you additional detailing as you create your background.  The adhesive is perfect for paper, but we suggest using additional glue or a topcoat if adding the pieces to textured surfaces.  The flexible piece can be wrapped around book bindings, corners or textures surfaces.  The unique material is so easy to work with and can easily but torn or cut to get the look you want.

This wonderful sun design features the a vintage style face and a series of sun rays.  The combination of white and opaque design is the perfect base to add color and details to your sun. 

  • sun
  • white, matte finish
  • flexible patented material
  • adhesive
  • each wing is about 6" diameter
  • Available in additional sizes and shapes
  • To see all of the Short & Tall Bases

 Here is a fun way to transform the sun base...enjoy - video by Vicky Ross

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