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Architextures™ Treasures - Typewriter


Architextures™ Treasures - Typewriter


The initial collection of embellishments from the new 7gypsies Architextures Collection, these amazing pieces look and feel so real.  Measuring about 4" tall each Treasure is a focal point for any creative project.  Each Treasure was inspired by the original object and actually resembles the object in the look and texture.  Most of the Treasures are single items, but a few offer a set or added bonus, but you can see that in the image and you know exactly what you are getting.  

vintage typewriter

The objects are featured with their coordinating background which becomes a stencil or mask when the inside object is removed.  You can use the Treasure, the stencil and the packaging in your projects with nothing to waste and we love that.  These embellishments are terrific for mixed media projects, cards, scrapbooking layouts, journals, agendas, books, ledgers, shadowboxes, art pieces and more.  We suggest additional adhesive when adding to highly textured surfaces or wet-media.

A heavy metal typewriter in all black reminds us of the days when every book, letter or memo was typed one key at a time without the room for backspaces or errors.  There are a few writers that still use a traditional typewriter and the look of American Typewriter keys is oh so trendy.  

  • Standard black typewriter 
  • 4" x 2.5"
  • adhesive
  • dimensional 
  • packaging features vintage printed paper as a bonus
  • To see the entire collection of Trinkets, Treasures and Findings.

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