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Architextures™ Junque Pack - Warehouse


Architextures™ Junque Pack - Warehouse


The luck of finding an old warehouse or barn filled with wonderful salvage finds intrigues us all.  Old doors, windows, banisters, bricks, staircases, metal pieces, iron-work and more.  These adhesive embellishments can be used as backgrounds, layers, etc. for cards, layouts, mixed media projects, craft projects, shadow boxes, journal covers, books, junk yard projects and so much more.  Use them as they are or you can tear, die cut, fold, cut and more. They can also be inked, painted or tinted making them your own.  

Each piece was made using patented technology that allows us to create the finishes to not only look real, but they actually feel real, down to even the detailing of raw edges and nail holes.  No two sets are alike and they work wonderfully together.  

The collection of warehouse finds includes - red bricks, rusted white painted metal, embossed metal plank, rusty corrugated tin, a stack of wooden stamped crates and an ornate metal piece of art. 

The Warehouse Collection features:

  • Red bricks (5.25"x5.25")
  • Rusty, white metal (3.5" x 5.25")
  • Embossed tarnished metal (3"x5.25")
  • Corrugated tin (2"x5.25")
  • A stack of wooden crates (1.25"x5.25")
  • An ornate wire grid(1"x5")
  • Total of 7 different pieces
  • Packaging includes vintage artwork you can also use in your creative projects.
  • All sheets are adhesive 
  • When you see clear space the weave is open giving you a stencil like use and other pieces are solid to create just the right look.
  • Each piece actually feels like the item it represents, there is not just a general texture over the entire piece.
  • The art can be altered with paint, inks and other mediums to create a look all your own
  • The flexible material allows you to wrap around edges and add creative detailing
  • The strong adhesive is terrific for paper, but we suggest adding additional glue or top coat to hold them in place when applying to textured or wet medium surfaces
  • To see all of the styles of Junque

What is a Junque pack exactly used for?  Well this amazing mixed media art piece by Crew Member Mandy Leever-Koel shows you exactly what they are used add texture, dimension, unique finishes, set the tone, make things look old, give you a feel of something old....each pack has a collection of pieces that work together, but stand wonderfully on their own and can be used for anything your creative heart can think of and you can cut, die cut or trim them to fit a unique shape or size or even wrap them around an edge.  It looks like Mandy added real rusty metal or painted it to look that way, but she cleverly used the sheets from the pack to make it look just the way she wanted.  You can also add paint, ink or other colorants to the pieces to distress them even further.  

7gypsies Junque Pack - Warehouse - Junk Pack

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