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Room Planning & Decorating Kit - Craft Room/Office/Studio

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Room Planning & Decorating Kit - Craft Room/Office/Studio


Design your office, craft room and studio spaces in a snap with this simple space planning kit that was designed for the DIY'er.  Craft storage, work table, desk, sitting area, even space for photography, you can plan out the space before you invest. 

design your home office space

This kit features a unique set of re-positionable desk, bedroom, loft style furniture stickers in 1/4" scale so you can design your bedroom on paper in a few easy steps, moving the stickers around until you get it just the way you want it.  The kit comes complete with full color detailed instructions that will walk you through each of the steps to bring your bedroom space to life on paper.  Along with the furniture layout the kit includes all you need to create a designer styled trend board where you can place photos of the furniture choices, paint colors, fabric swatches and more.  

home office scrapbooking room and studio planning kit

Kit Contains:

  • 250+ repositionable stickers 
  • two sheets of graph paper
  • one 8.5x11 design board
  • two pieces of backing cardstock
  • one 1/4" Scale Ruler (we designed this so it is super easy to use and read)
  • complete full color guide

the kit comes with this unique scale ruler that makes space planning and room design so easy.

scale ruler feet only

 This set of furniture stickers is included in the kit and many are based on popular brands such as Ballard Designs and Office Depot to ensure the desks and furniture sizes are easily found on the market.  You can also purchase the stickers on their own - office and studio furniture sticker sheet

 office and craft room design stickers

When designing work spaces here are a few inside design tips to help make the process go a little easier and the room function the best way possible.  This kit was designed to work for a variety of work spaces including a small studio apartment.  .   

The Inspiration:  The first place to begin is with your vision for the space.

  • Inspiration can be found in a number of places.  Check current design magazines and catalogs for inspirational images and visit design centers and show homes to help you decide which colors, styles and design vision you have for your space.  The web is also a great resource.
  • Obtain input from those who share your home with you, and try to incorporate the design ideas that blend most effectively with your vision for the room.
  • Strive to change things that you don’t like about the current room with your new design.

The Function:  How will the room be used?

  • Brainstorm and create multiple versions of the room; edit carefully and combine ideas to create your best design.
  • When designing, think about the space for movement, leave adequate room to move between furniture comfortably.
  • Will this space be used as a computer room for the entire family, double as a guest bedroom, an artist studio or be used as an office for the home?
  • Work spaces generally accommodate a variety of options; you can divide the space in a variety of ways to create different rooms within the space.
  • Think about connecting spaces, if the space opens to another living area consider transitioning with the same flooring or wall color.
  • When a separate room is not available, tuck a work space into the family room, a nook in the kitchen or even a desk and chair into the master bedroom.  Defining a work space will make things run smoother and provide a space to keep those items it takes to maintain the home in an organized fashion.
  • Many work spaces become the storage area for all those things that don’t have an official location in the home.  Keep in mind extra storage options through the process.
  • The flooring is an important consideration for a work space if you are going to utilize rolling chairs and storage; consider wood, cork or tile.

The Furniture:   Today's rooms are more eclectic than ever which gives you so much decorating flexibility. 

  • There are a variety of furniture pieces on the market that have been designed specifically for home work spaces such as office suits, scrapbooking, drafting tables and other unique work stations.   
  • For smaller rooms choose fewer pieces of furniture and opt for pieces that provide multiple functions such as a bench with storage or armoire to house a television, craft tools or gift wrapping supplies.
  • Consider including a futon, Murphy bed or Sleeper Sofa in the space to allow a quick conversion into a guest room.
  • A large work table located in the center of the room is a great alternative to a desk allowing more room for larger projects.
  • Built in shelves are a great option for work spaces and will add value to your home.
  • Create a creative corner for the kids, so that they have a location for their supplies and a place to work when you are in the space.
  • Utilize shelving and carts that are on wheels to allow the supplies you need to be at your fingertips.
  • To create a new look, mix and match furniture pieces to create your own style.
  • Consider creating an eclectic mix by reusing furniture from other areas of your home.

The Accessories & Lighting:  The accessories can be as important to the room design as the bed and dressers. 

  • If shelving is available bring together like items or like colors to create a visually pleasing display, it is best to work with an uneven number of pieces in the group such as three or five.
  • Add an oversized framed mirror to sit on a floor or atop a dresser to make the room appear larger
  • Consider placement of task, mood  and general lighting fixtures
  • When determining window treatments think about how you will enhance or block natural light.
  • If a television is a must, tuck one into an armoire or consider hanging a flat screen on the wall.
  • Utilize unique storage options such as antique crates, commercial metal racks or a variety of unique baskets.
  • Create a large framed cork board for one of the walls to show off great scrapbook pages, pictures of family members or this year’s family Christmas card.
  • To keep magazines organized purchase blank magazine storage boxes and paint or cover them with papers that match the space.
  • To keep tools organized frame a painted peg board and hang tools on peg hooks which can also be painted to coordinate with the room
  • To keep new projects and the supplies together until you are ready to begin;  locate a space where you can store each one in boxes, baskets or bins.
  • When creating a gift wrapping station, consider unique storage for wrapping paper such as an oversized basket or metal bucket.  String rolls of ribbon onto rope, metal pipe or a wooden dowel rod for easy access.  
  • Consider converting from a ceiling light or fan to a chandelier with great shades for a fun look.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling during the decorating process; consider details like a faux finish, trompe l’oeil or rope lighting within trey ceilings. 

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