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Color Wash Bottle 8 ounce

Tattered Angels

Color Wash Bottle 8 ounce


Tattered Angels Color Wash is ideal for natural surfaces including wicker, willow, baskets and other woven materials.  Color Wash was designs to be applied with a brush to most surfaces, but when working with detailed, woven and uneven surfaces, a spray mister is the perfect solutions.

stained basket

The natural surface will accent the pigments in the wash to create the most amazing details.  For uneven surfaces like this frame the misting is ideal, but you might want to cover the glass just to keep it clean of over-spray.  The Color Wash will wipe off of slick surfaces like metal and glass.  

mist uneven surfaces

  • 1 8 ounce sprayer
  • clear plastic bottle
  • locking mechanism 
  • ideal for diluting Color Wash and other Tattered Angels Paints
  • perfect for filling with water where a squeeze sprayer is ideal
  • Made in the USA

1 part Color Wash to 1 part water; 1 part Color Wash to 2 part water or 1 part Color Wash to 3 parts water will allow you to dilute the color and cover more area.  Depending on the color of choice you can dilute in this bottle by 3 parts.  The color while lighter will still administer a wonderful wash of color.  

Be sure to protect work space to ensure that there is no over-spray or that other items are washed.  

The locking mechanism allows you to secure the sprayer for travel and in storage.


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