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Canvas Bag - Burlap and Canvas Zipper Tote 5.5"x7.5"

Canvas Corp

Canvas Bag - Burlap and Canvas Zipper Tote 5.5"x7.5"


Burlap on once side and canvas on the other, this tote is ready to be personalized one at a time with your creative artwork or a stack featuring your logo, fun sayings or custom artwork.  This tiny tote is a perfect gift item featuring your brand and your style.  Print on either side. Perfect makeup bag, pencil tote, for holding craft supplies and more.   

  • 5.5" tall x 7.5" wide
  • natural zipper
  • made in the USA

Zipper pouches are an amazing craft blank and make terrific gifts or pouches to keep you organized.  Using a rubber stamp allows you to create a handmade screen print look and it is so easy.

handmade screen print

We recommend permanent pigment ink or fabric stamp ink when stamping on canvas for the best look.

screen print look

Add a little color with acrylic or pigment paints and keep it simple or add a lot of color, your choice.  

hand stamped or screen printed totes

Finishing off with hand-sewn beads, buttons or sequins is amazing.

To see the entire project and for more tips and ideas check out the post - Stamped Canvas Zipper Tote




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