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7gypsies Gypsy Seamstress: 12x12 Tape Measure

7 Gypsies

7gypsies Gypsy Seamstress: 12x12 Tape Measure


A collection of old rulers, taper measures and yardsticks make up this cool vintage paper.  Use it as a background or die cut it into cool shapes.  You can cut the individual rulers out to add as ephemera pieces that are perfect for cards, mixed media and more.   
wooden yard sticks

  • 12"x12"
  • printed on card stock weight paper
  • designed and printed in the USA

collections of tape measures, yard sticks and wooden rulers fill the front while an old measure board fills the back that once held beautiful fabrics and patterns of the past, lines up just right.  You can frame the art on either side or both to give you amazing art pieces for your studio, quilt room or sewing room.

measuring board

Combined with 7gypsies Architextures, you get a great look.  Crew member,  Iris Rodriguez, shows us a great way to layer and add texture to this amazing art pieces.  Check out the blog with all the details.  She Rules

vintage mixed media ideas

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