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Tattered Angels - Green Paints

Step into the world of one of the secondary colors - green.  This collection features green paints across the entire Tattered Angels family including - Glimmer Mist (sheer mist with mica), Simply Sheer (sheer mist without mica), Chalkboard Mist (semi-opaque mist with mica), Baseboard Mist (semi-opaque mist without mica), Glimmer GlamGlimmer GlazeHigh Impact PaintDecor & DIY Paint.  You can click on each link to learn more about each paint type and also to see the colors available by paint type.  

art by Jaine Drake

The beautiful word of green paints, almost another neutral, takes us into nature, covers so many holidays and just makes us smile.  From the deepest of olive greens to the softest of a pastel green, they take us where we want to go.

 Choose from a nice range of colors (one of the biggest color family) so your stash has the best assortment of greens when you need them.   Add tones of greens together to get the perfect watercolor look with a touch of mica, as shown on Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers.  

Yellow and blue make green - so if you don't find the color you are looking for, you can make your own.

Try the Tattered Angels Color wheel to design your own set of colors by starting with the primaries - red, blue and yellow and secondary colors - green, purple and orange.  This is a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom with kids of all ages.

Glimmer Mist is a liquid watercolor paint and can be used a number of ways:

1. shake and mist with the pump 

2. shake and pour into a small cup or paint palette and apply with you favorite brush (the mica and colors of the paint show up in beautiful ways)

3. remove the mister and drop from the tube onto your project for a deeper, mixed media appeal.

4. ombre by misting two colors together and letting them meet in the middle

For best results shake side to side and never up and down to keep all the mica in the bottle and not in the mister, if that does happen, wash the mister with hot water to remove any clogged mica.  If that does not work, email us at and we would be happy to send you a new sprayer.  

 For questions about Tattered Angels Paints - call 866-376-9961 or email us today