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Saggy Baggy - Fabric Basket - White (3 sizes available)

Canvas Corp

Saggy Baggy - Fabric Basket - White (3 sizes available)


If you are looking for a way to present food for a party or event, decorate pots for wedding centerpieces or make adorable cloth gift baskets, then we have the perfect option.  We gave the Saggy Baggy its name because it was the perfect bag to sag into place, tie with a ribbon, cord or twin around ball jars, bottles, gifts and tie it up and fold the cuff over for a great look.  

These fabric baskets come in three sizes that fit over standard flower pots and are sized like measuring cups in cup, pink and quart.  

Personalize them for holidays, events, birthdays or family initials and bring them out when setting up adorable food and drink bars.

Fold the finished top cuff down or stretch it up for taller items.  Fill with an old glass, mason jar or vase to give it more stability.

Burlap Food Storage Wholesale

  • Twill Poly Cotton Fabric which is ideal for washing, but we do not recommend heat dry
  • Fresh White Fabric Color
  • 3 sizes available
    • Cup (5.5" tall)
    • Pint (8" tall)
    • Quart (12" tall)
  • Made in the USA

Also available in burlap, canvas and a range of colors - black, red, white, yellow, green

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