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Canvas Corp: 12x12 Printed Cardboard

A collection of wonderful screen printed artwork on heavy duty cardboard box material that is cut to 12x12.  Cardboard is an amazing product to craft with.  Made of recycled materials, cardboard is a fantastic product to work with.  Use it as a card base, book cover, mixed media background, die cut embellishment and so much more.  The printing on the board is screen printed so it is permanent and the ink is a resist, so painting them is so much fun and you can achieve so many different looks.

craft with cardboard

We wanted the look to be very handmade and hand created and we love how they turned out.  Such a fun way to fill your paper racks with something new...

12x12 rack ideas

There are 12 unique designs that look as if they were stamped onto the cardboard, but instead they were screen printed with a wonderful black, resist ink that is ready for you to begin creating your next mixed media art piece.  

  • 12x12 board
  • double-wall cardboard
  • kraft
  • acid free
  • made in the USA
  • screen printed art and blank pieces available 
  • black ink
  • 12 printed styles
  • perfect for mixed media, altered art, book covers, cards, layout and so much more.