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Saggy Baggy - Fabric Basket - Black (3 sizes available)

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Saggy Baggy - Fabric Basket - Black (3 sizes available)


The perfect holiday accessories for Halloween, Fall, Weddings and more.  Available in 3 sizes, these black cloth baskets can be filled, tied with a ribbon, cord or twin around ball jars, bottles, gifts and tie it up and fold the cuff over for a great look.  Ideal for slipping over cheap plastic flower pots, filling with candy and goodies or turn them into inexpensive floral arrangements.  burlap and canvas baskets wholesale 

Made of poly/cotton fabric, they are so easy you can just toss in the washer, but we don't recommend hot dry.  If you decorate them like these adorable Halloween baskets, consider that they may not be washable, so line them with a mason jar, vase or recycled food jar.

halloween decor ideas

Use Saggy Baggies instead of another gift bag. These cotton canvas bags come in three sizes (cup, pint and quart), and a variety of colors to make them easy to use and reuse. Decorate to match a season or decor! Paint, stamp, glue or give as is. Manufactured in the USA.

  • Black canvas fabric baskets
  • Available in 3 sizes
    • Cup (5.5" tall)
    • Pint (8" tall)
    • Quart (12" tall)
  • Made in the USA

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