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Architextures™ Vintage Canvas Ledger - 12"X16"


Architextures™ Vintage Canvas Ledger - 12"X16"


Looking for vintage ledgers, books, journals and albums, 7gypsies has created the perfect collection of books inspired by old books, pages, ledger paper, with today's art and crafting needs in mind.  The books have an eclectic feel with different covers, bindings, papers and prints to create a found object feel that you can make your own.

The inspiration for the entire line of books, this wonderfully over-sized ledger was created based on beautiful ledgers that were the mainstay in every business throughout the world to document the ins and outs.  Ledgers are a perfect craft blank and originals are a treasure when found.  The 7gypsies ledger measures 16" across and 12" tall and is filled with wonderful vintage ledger paper.  The inside of the book cover has a wonderful designs and the book is wonderfully bound.  The cover is a vintage grey canvas with smooth, faux leather back cover and detailing.  The metal details are a vintage brass.  The book opens flat for each of adding our creative touch

  • 16" wide x 12" tall
  • 40 sheets or 80 pages 
  • Grey canvas cover with faux leather accents
  • Elastic closure 
  • Vintage style lined printed papers (2-sided printing)
  • Pages can be removed, but not moved or added to this style book
  • designed in the USA

 Here is what you can do on the wonderful pages of this journal.  You will find all the details here - Fun Colorful Art Journal Pages

art journal paged you can paint on

The pages look like an old ledger

gesso art page

The pages are nice quality and great for adding gesso and paints.

glimmer mist art journal page

You can even add Glimmer Mist and inks.

paint journal pages

Don't forget to let the paints dry, you can create layers and dry each layer or make your page and then let it dry.

art journal ideas

Create fun papers, cut up printed papers, use specialty papers, different textures and designs are great.  Creating papers with paint, ink, stencils and stamp in a range of color will make your house village one of a kind and very colorful.

how to make an art journal pageIlana shows us how you should just start cutting shapes for the house and the roofs to create a wide range of houses for your little page of houses.  

idea for art journal

Adding a bit of Architextures adds a lot of texture and dimension to your page without too much bulk.

paper craft ideas trends

With a black marker or colored marker add some details like door knobs, window panes and house details.

custom art journal pages

The Architextures pieces also are great to tie together the house pieces and add dimension.  Ilana shows you how to add shadow with chalk, marker or pencil with a slightly darker hue of color.  Don't worry about perfect, that is what makes these houses so amazing, their perfect imperfections.  

paper houses

A wide range of houses layered together with wonderfully, simple details is amazing, a true work of art.  No two pages, no two house will look the same and that is what makes them amazing.  You can add flowers, trees and even people with stamps, stencils or draw them onto the page.  Add touches of paint and ink here and there to give them a distressed look.  

colorful paper houses

While the papers and layers are actually quite flat, they look like they can jump off the page.  This same technique is perfect for making mixed media art, cards and layouts.  

Thanks Ilana for sharing this great art journal layout.  We hope we have inspired you to fill the pages of this journal your way.  




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