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Room Planning & Decorating Kit - Patio/Outdoor Living

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Room Planning & Decorating Kit - Patio/Outdoor Living


Design outdoor living spaces in a snap with this simple space planning kit that was designed for the DIY'er.  If you have ideas to makeover your back yard, porch, deck or patio, you can try them out on paper before starting a new projects. The kit is packed with different outdoor furniture pieces, potted plants, grills and other outdoor decor pieces.  

backyard space planning kit

Simply measure the space and draw it out on your graph paper and you can try the various furniture and decor options.  Stop by your favorite fabric store and choose different swatches of fabric, print off your favorite furniture sets or cut them from a catalog and the kit helps you pull it all together.  You can simply do the layout or you can finish the board like this one and see how the space will actually look.

outdoor living ideas

Maybe you are considering an outdoor cooking living area or even a full outdoor kitchen.  Before making the investment, see how it will look in your space just like a professional designer. In just 4 easy steps you can bring your ideas to life.

patio layout kit

The kit comes with a range of furniture stickers all in 1/4" scale.

outdoor furniture stickers

This kit features a unique set of re-positionable patio, backyard, pool side and courtyard furniture stickers in 1/4" scale so you can design your bedroom on paper in a few easy steps, moving the stickers around until you get it just the way you want it.  The kit comes complete with full color detailed instructions that will walk you through each of the steps to bring your bedroom space to life on paper.  Along with the furniture layout the kit includes all you need to create a designer styled trend board where you can place photos of the furniture choices, paint colors, fabric swatches and more.

outdoor living planning kit 

Kit Contains:

  • 300+ re-positionable outdoor furniture and accessory stickers 
  • two sheets of graph paper
  • one 8.5x11 design board
  • two pieces of backing cardstock
  • one 1/4" Scale Ruler (we designed this so it is super easy to use and read)
  • complete full color guide

The kit also includes full color stickers with trees, plants and outdoor accessories.

patio deck and outdoor furniture kit

When designing spaces for outdoor living, here are a few inside design tips to help make the process go a little easier and the room function the best way possible.  This kit was designed for creating a variety of outdoor spaces including outdoor kitchens, balconies, porches, pool houses, pool side, decks, and patios.

The Inspiration:  The first place to begin is with your vision for the space.

  • Think about your outdoor living space the same way you think about the spaces inside of your home.
  • Inspiration can be found in a number of places. Check current design magazines and catalogs for inspirational images and visit design centers and show homes to help you decide which colors, styles and design vision you have for your space.  The web is also a great resource. 
  • How is the space used now and how would you like to see the space used? 
  • Obtain input from those who share your home with you, and try to incorporate the design ideas that blend most effectively with your vision for the space.

The Function:  Consider your activities and divide your outdoor living space so that you can enjoy it year round.

  • Outdoor spaces are well suited for relaxation. Plan to include a space to kick up your feet like a lounge chair or an outdoor sectional for total relaxation.
  • Will your plan include a grill or larger outdoor food preparation space? Include a complete kitchen or even a stand alone sink alongside a food prep table made exclusively for outdoor spaces.
  • Do you wish to create and tend a small garden? Include a potted garden on your plan and situate it in an area with sufficient sunlight.
  • Do you need a flexible space outside in which to work? Wide open spaces lend themselves to both craft & home projects as well as providing a flexible space for storing larger items.
  • A well-designed outdoor space is perfect for entertaining guests; ensure that you have appropriate seating and table space.
  • Consider where you and your family will want to play. Will the play area need to be within view of a kitchen window?
  • As you plan for the function, consider your view. What will the outdoor space look like from inside your home? Plan for a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Take advantage of natural views and screen out unsightly areas by using fabrics, wood, plant material, shades and umbrellas.

The Furniture:   Today's outdoor rooms are more eclectic than ever which gives you so much decorating flexibility. 

  • The furniture in an outdoor space can be focused on one living space or a combination of multiple room. Outdoor rugs, plants or pots are a great way to break up the individual spaces.
  • Many outdoor furniture pieces are sold in matching sets which can help bring a coherent outdoor space together, you can also consider creating an eclectic mix by mixing furniture pieces.
  • Outdoor fabrics are more readily available than ever in a variety of color and design options.  You can choose colors that are reflective of your inside spaces or you can create a unique feel with fabrics that strongly lend themselves to outside spaces. 
  • Incorporate different types of seating. Lounge chairs, benches, chairs, and even outdoor floor pillows.
  • Keep in mind having enough seating for the way the space is used; consider 3-4 lounge chairs for guests  to suntan or a dining table that seats 8 or 10.
  • Some of the best outdoor rooms include furniture which was formerly used within your home. Painting over your old furniture gives it a new life outdoors. Use garage sale & flea market finds and include cast offs from your friends.
  • Repurpose a large urn as a table base. Stone and glass make excellent tops
  • Top medium-sized clay pots with slate or stone to make a side table
  • As you experiment with furniture placement, give yourself enough room to walk around the furniture and keep entrances clear.
  • Keep grills and outdoor kitchens a convenient distance from the door, and in a shaded area.

The Accessories & Lighting:  The accessories in a room bring the space together. 

  • Nature is a grand backdrop; use patterns and colors which add interest or boldly contribute to the design – or in cases where the scenery speaks volumes, use color and pattern in subtle ways to keep the focus where you intend.
  • Using reflective surfaces like mirrors in your outdoor room will allow you to see a beautiful view from many angles
  • Lighting is as important outside as it is inside, use general, flood, path lights, up-lighting and lanterns as well as votive and pillar candles to create a safe and well-designed space.
  • Draperies used outside will define a space and add an element of romantic design as well as off functional solutions.  Think about using decorative outdoor fabric panels to offer shade, cover an unsightly view or add privacy.
  • To bring drama and ambiance to your outside space, consider using a whimsical candelabra, water fountains, fireplaces or clay chimineas.
  • Under balconies and where possible, add ceiling fans to provide a steady breeze and keep bugs at bay.
  • In a temperate climate, consider adding a comfortable lounge area suitable for napping.
  • To extend the use of your outdoor space, add outdoor gas heaters, portable or permanent fire pits or build your space around a new outdoor fireplace.
  • Consider utility – if you like to read while you relax – make sure to include a chair-side table to hold your books and refreshments.
  • For your comfort, use larger pillows and incorporate special touches like footrests.
  • Combine textile patterns and textures. Use pillows, outdoor rugs, tablecloths and chair covers.
  • Decorate with nature. Use natural elements like grapevine wreaths or moss-covered forms.

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