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Heirloom Paper Collection

Canvas Corp

Heirloom Paper Collection


Capture your family memories with this clever collection of heirloom styled 12x12 papers that are perfect for creating keepsakes that will be remembered forever.  Created on a soft ivory paper that coordinates with the entire ivory & black collection from Canvas Corp, these papers are so classically designed we know they will be cherished for a long time to come.  

  • Family Tree - available in a large size to that can be filled out and added to frame book or journal.  The smaller ones allow you to do a mini family tree for each family set in your family.  
  • Heirloom Cards - a collection of 6 different 4"x6" cards that help you capture your family tree (even one for the family pet) - you might want a few more of this sheet and you can order them individually as well.  There is even a Family Story Card to capture stories of the past.  Use the journal lined paper to add additional stores too.
  • Birth Certificate Cards - one card for every family member let's you capture or research and find a bit about your close family and those of the past.  6 4"x6" cards per sheet, so you might want to grab a few more of these as well.  This will organized who was born where and to whom helping you to keep it all straight.
  • Life Story Cards - we designed these cards to capture the life of each family member, the details of their lives, the things we don't want to forget.  Interview family members now to know where their lives took them or lives of those in the past to capture as much as you can.
  • Marriage Certificate Cards - jot down who married who, who was married to who and when there are new marriages on these little cards.  It is a great way to keep it all straight and know where it all begin with each family munition.  
  • Children Cards - once the children begin to arrive you can organize them by family.  Don't forget to then capture each child in their own Life Story so the details are not forgotten.
  • Pet Certificate Cards - pets are a big part of the family and should be treated as such.  Fill out a special card for each pet member of the family. 
  • Journal Lines can be used in the full sheet or cut up to help keep your words straight and your details written down.  

Cut the cards into smaller cards that measure 4"x6" and either add a photo, glue the journal lines to the back or put two cards back to back.  

Printed in the USA

12"x12 sheet size before cutting

add to crates, ledgers, memory books, scrapbooks and family albums.  


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