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High Impact Paint - Black

Tattered Angels

High Impact Paint - Black


High Impact is the thickest paint in the Tattered Angels family. It's an opaque paint with excellent, color-rich coverage that leaves a shine once dried. Use for small detail or overall coverage. 

High Impact Paint is one of the most amazing paints in the Tattered Angels Collection.  Created to paint on burlap and canvas, but we found it does so much more.  This acrylic paint is packed with color and a wonderful finish when dry.  No need for sanding or priming when you paint and it has its own top coat when dry, so the process is so simple.  The paint dries to a smooth, slightly gloss sheen that gives a professional look you will be proud to show off.  

high impact DIY paint

The paint is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and is ideal for so many different surfaces including - iron, metal, stainless steel, raw wood, finished wood, burlap, canvas, terra cotta, ceramics, brick, tile, plastic, resin and so much more.

best paint for iron or metal outdoor fence

The below photo shows before painting, and above is the amazing finish when painted.  The paint takes on the texture and properties of the surface below and seals it all in.  For best results paint a single thin layer and then cover, you can do more than one layer if desired, but let the layers dry completely before painting the next.  The paint will also adhere to virtually any surface, so it is consistent when painting the different types of metal.  

how to paint iron

This 10' gate took approximately 3 bottles to complete, so the paint goes a long way and offers amazing coverage.  

Available in a wide range of colors and also a range of metallic colors you are sure to find the perfect one or mix them together to create your ideal color - High Impact Paint Range  

All Tattered Angels paints are made in the USA, one recipe at a time.  We take pride in our rich colors, high quality products and attention to detail during the production process.  We adhere a sticker of the actual color to every bottle so you know what you are getting.  Keep in mind the surface and color under the paint could change the paint color slightly, it is always best to test before beginning your project.  

  • 1.35 oz per bottle
  • shake before use
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • soap and water clean up
  • always prepare the space around your project.  When we say this paint adheres to just about anything, we truly mean it.
  • Close paint immediately after use to help sustain the quality and consistency the best way possible.  
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • no need for primer, base coat or top coat
  • For best results, apply with paintbrush - be sure to wash brush between coats or wrap with plastic to ensure it does not dry (paint is so good it adheres the brush together too)
  • Allow to dry between coats
  • Wide range of colors available 
  • Made in the USA


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