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Welcome!  We are so glad you found us.  We would love for you to apply today for a wholesale account, it is easy to do and we will get you set up right away,  but first let us try and answer a few quick questions you might have.  

Q. How do I apply for the account?

A. Please fill out this Wholesale Application and that will give us everything we need to know to set up your online account.  You can list any comments, questions or notes when you submit and we will get back to you right away.

Q. Who is eligible for a wholesale account?

A. Store Fronts, Online Shops, Kit Companies, Subscription Companies, Amazon Shops, Etsy Shops, Manufacturers, Bloggers, Designers, Teachers, Non-Profit Organizations, Event Planners, Marketing Agencies, Screen Printers, In-Home Businesses and more.  Sorry if you did not mention your business type, we welcome all those who are buying products to enhance and expand your business to apply.

Q. How does your wholesale program work?

A. We ask for a $50 minimum order at wholesale (that is $100 at retail before the discount,) you receive 50% off the listed prices and for online orders of $50 or more you receive free freight for all USA addresses.  For international accounts we will work with you to find the best freight options and we can ship free to a USA freight forwarder.  

Q. When am I charged for the order?

A. When it ships.  We capture the payment information when you order, but we do not run the payment until the order is ready to ship and you are only charged for items that indeed ship.  Once in a while we may have to call for payment as the payment method expires after a few days, but we try hard to ship in the window.

Q. Do you offer wholesale screen printing?

A. Yes we do.  We can work with your brand, your art or your ideas.  Here is a great article on Branding Yourself which might give you some ideas.  You can also fill out this form for a quote on a custom screen printed project.

Q. Can I order custom sewn items or screen printed items online?

A. For all custom orders we ask that you work directly with us to ensure that we have all the details right - you can send details to us at 

Q. How many of one item do I have to buy?

A. Only 1 - you can order samples, you can order one of every item you like or you can order more of the items you need.  We want you to be able to order what you need to take care of your customers.

Q. Do you offer volume discounts?

A. For all special pricing requests please email us at  We realize that you may need a lot of one item and we might be able to offer you a little better price.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Springdale, Arkansas.  Our central location makes is great for shipping purposes and we do all of our cut and sew, paint manufacturing, shipping and distribution from this location - 2300 S. Old Missouri Road.  If you are ever in the NW Arkansas area, we would love for you to stop by.

Q. Do you screen print custom artwork?

A. We sure do.  We ask that you print a minimum of 50 items and we can print on one of our basic items or work with you to design a custom item.

Q. How quickly do you ship?

A. That depends just a bit, for items in-stock we try to ship in 48 hours, for items that we have to make it could take a bit longer.  We do our very best to stay in stock on our entire collection, but when higher quantities are needed or a large number of cut and sew items are ordered we may have to wait on production.  Please call 866.376.9961 or email ( if you need your order shipped right away and we do our very best to help expedite the order.  Please also keep in mind if we are shipping to a residence, your shipment may take a bit longer as Fedex transfers many residential addresses to USPS for final shipping, they call is SmartPost.  Call for more details.

Q. What is your angel policy?

A. We love that you use our products to create items that are your own across all our product lines, the only thing we ask is that you don't sell the items as we sell them and claim them for your own. 

Q. Do you have distributors?

A. Yes we do.

For Canada - Ecstasy Crafts

World-Wide - Notions Marketing

USA/West Coast - Peterson Arne

United Kingdom - Craft Box UK

Poland - Aga Baraniak

Not all distributors carry all items, please ask them about particular items or contact us if you are not able to find the items.  

We are looking forward to working with you!!! If you have any questions or  need assistance you can reach us at or call 1.866.376.9961.