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Massive Manila Madness

Shannon Green

Massive Manila Madness


Manila is a cool paper that is made from a strong fiber...oh you don't want to know that.  You want to know what Shannon found this week and oh my is it cool.  Shannon uncovered a lost gypsies treasure of printed manila stuff....over 325 Manila tags, pockets, tickets and a few ribbons to go with them.  You will find fun sayings, lots of lines to journal on and other vintage creativeness.  Now you might find a few more in your box, but who's counting!!!  Shannon did - she counted them out to make sure that every box had just the right stuff.  There are only 60 boxes.  I think Shannon had a thing for 6's this week!!!  So grab one of these abandoned treasures and if you want a way to store them, grab on of these storage boxes and you will find more specials in our Sale area, check out the great finds and we just put a whole bunch of new goodies on sale.  Shannon's Abandoned Treasures and all Sale items have limited quantities, so grab them while you can.  

  • 160 or so 2.5"x 4.75" tags
  • 60 or so 2"x 3.5" tags
  • 6 or so 3"x 3.25"pockets
  • 100 or so 1.5"x3.25" tickets
  • 12 packs of black ribbon

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